About Contrio

Contrio is a brand belonging to Altaterra Kft. We are part of a long-established and reputable European manufacturing group, VKR. Present in most important markets across Europe, we really understand home decoration, blinds and roof windows. Keeping our eyes on the trends, we are committed to giving our customers and end-users what they want and need, by constant development and responding to market changes.

The climate change we are seeing today differs from previous climate change in both its rate and its magnitude. Since the beginning of the 20th century the average temperature in Europe has increased by about 1.0 ºC. This may not sound much, but it has had a powerful cumulative effect on our environment and the way we live. Long, hot summers and shorter, warmer winters are going to result in increased demand for sun protection and as a result, this will transform the market. The trend will affect various market sectors starting with skin (health protection products) and ending with the need to protect our homes from increased heat and sun penetration.

Lifestyle change across Europe is also very visible. More and more people are turning to working from home in order to build up a career and maintain a private life at the same time. This results in the need to adapt our homes by creating a friendly, quiet working environment. We refurbish our homes, develop our basements and more and more are looking to use our free space in the attic.

It’s these insights which have led us to direct all our efforts into launching for the first time across Europe, a multi-fit, consumer friendly, easy to install range of roof window blinds (for VELUX®, FAKRO®, Keylite® and RoofLITE+® branded roof windows) at an outstanding level of quality and price, enabling comfortable heat protection in loft conversions.

To achieve this we have focused on producing only the most popular styles and colours and ensured that they fit most roof windows perfectly.

Contrio blinds are made to stylish Scandinavian designs, and are manufactured in Europe. Contrio prices may be remarkably low, but ISO manufacturing certification and a responsible environmental policy mean quality is never in doubt in any area.

The Contrio philosophy is simply all about understanding what the market wants, and delivering quality and comfort at an affordable price in the easiest and most consumer-friendly way possible.

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