Blackout Blind 

Our Blackout blind excludes almost all light – turning day into night on demand.

Design and Quality

This exceptional design has all the hallmarks of quality, both as to materials and operating simplicity.

  • A hard-wearing, dirt-resistant combination of polyester and lightproof rubber fabric.
  • The fabric slides inside a slim profile aluminium frame.
  • An easy to use mechanism allows multi-positioning of the blind, giving simple control of light in the room.
  • Provides varying levels of brightness down to almost 100% blackout.

Installation and Compatibility

Simply install your blind in less than 10 minutes with a screwdriver, by following our step-by-step installation instructions, which come with all our products. Our blinds fit perfectly, require no cutting and can be assembled in 3 easy steps.


  • White

  • Dark Blue

  • Beige

  • Grey

  • Petrol Blue

  • Sand

  • Light Grey

  • Black

  • Installation in 10 min

  • No cutting

  • 2 year guarantee

  • Fits VELUX®, FAKRO®, Keylite® and RoofLITE+®

Easy to choose

The type and size of your roof window can be found on the data plate, located on the top of the window sash. The data plate is only visible when the window is open. For VELUX – note down both type 1 and size 2. For FAKRO and RoofLITE+ – note down just the size 2

Choose the type

  1. Specify your window type 1 and size 2
  2. Choose the corresponding ContrioTM product from the table below
  3. Now just add the code of your colour choice to the code of the blind you choose and you’ve got the complete blind code

* For example: a dark blue roller blind for a RoofLITE+ window with manufacturing code M4A will be described as an DUA M4A 4212

Blackout Blind Installation

  • 1. Left and right blind mounting plates are screwed into place.

  • 2. The blind unit clicks into the mounting plates, secured by a screw at each end.

  • 3. Finally, the two aluminium blind guides are slotted into the blind unit and screwed to the frame. It’s as simple as that!

Watch Installation videos

Installing a Contrio Blackout Blind takes minutes
This installation is shown on a VELUX window – the procedure for installing the Contrio Blackout blind on a RoofLITE+ or Fakro window is identical, except for the addition of a small length of aluminium side profile.

Installing into VELUX Windows

Installing into RoofLITE+ Windows

Installing into Fakro Windows

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